Great First Camper Purchase Experince
I purchased my first camper from Lees Country RV. I ended up here after going to the other large RV/camper dealerships in the area. One dealership was the biggest in the camping world and all they did was try to sell me the more expensive campers they had on the lot. The salesman would not allow me to look at smaller, less expensive campers. I then located another salesman who showed me what I wanted but then gave me the What can I do to get you to buy a camper today? Even though I said I was not ready and that the price was too high. He then brought in the sales manager who also tried to pressure me. The sales manager even offered to sell me his own 2016 fifth wheel. That was all I needed to leave. I went to Lees and spoke with Michael Williams who took time to explain the difference in campers and then let me look without pressure. I was able to move about freely and note the options that I wanted to have. Then Jessica offered more advice and helped me decide what I really needed as a first time buyer. Michael actually convinced me to buy a camper that was $12000 cheaper than another one I was debating. He wanted me to be happy and not over my head as I learned how to be a camper owner. Once I selected the camper, Billy went over how to operate it and how to do the maintenance and made me feel confident and at ease. Tom and Jeremy took care of financing and made it go smoothly . The ladies will enjoy sitting at the desk with Tom while he does you financing because hes a handsome fella, almost pretty. All kidding aside, everyone was personable and joked around as you can see by the aforementioned description of Tom. It was a big purchase that was made easy and without stress. Plus, the service and treatment that comes with the purchase is a load off my shoulders. Also I get a membership of a year of free camping to help me ease into this. If you have gone or plan on going to one of the large corporate dealerships, DONT! You will regret it and I promise you will not get the personal treatment . Im not an easy sell but I am very appreciative and complimentary when it is deserved. Give Lees RV a chance before you look anywhere else. (Employee: Zack Isaacs, Billy Lay, Jeremy Lee, Jessica Williams, Jim Isaac, Michael Williams, Tom Muto)
Scott Owen
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